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LynxBio is is developing technologies enabling the prediction of clinical treatment response for multiple myeloma (MM) and other blood cancer patients.

MicroC3 is an assay that rapidly analyzes the therapeutic response of patients' own tumor cells with their own non-tumor cells, creating a representative model of a patient's own cancer.

  • Microfluidic ex vivo assay unique to each patient and able to be performed for all patients

  • Results within 3 days of standard of care biopsy

  • Not tied to a single biomarker and can be developed as companion diagnostic to any blood cancer therapy

  • Early small retrospective studies identified all patients (n=17) as either clinically responsive (7) or non-responsive (10) to a commonly used MM drug

  • Small prospective clinical trial ongoing and currently enrolling patients

Pak et al. MicroC3: an ex vivo microfluidic cis-coculture assay to test chemosensitivity and resistance of patient multiple myeloma cells. Integrative Biology, 2015, 7, 643 – 654. Featured cover page article.